A native Brooklyn NY, John Henry Sheridan is a kid-friendly singer-songwriter, guitar teacher and author. While encompassing several genres his music can be summed up as family-friendly songs in the folk, rock and pop genres. Light-hearted, energetic and sometimes a bit goofy his music is not just for kids but definitely includes them.

John Henry’s story is one of chasing the rock star dream, getting halfway there and realizing that there is a simpler and more meaningful path of life awaiting him. While his guitar skills are quite advanced, he became bored with advancing them further and turned more towards sharing the joy of the guitar through teaching it and composing fun and inspiring music.

However music is just one crucial aspect of his multi-layered life. As a buddhist, he also seeks to bridge people together through dialogue as well as the arts with the aim of co-creating a mutually supportive environment for people and especially following generations to flourish in a peaceful world. His journeys have taken him to live abroad in Brazil as a humanitarian volunteer for 5 months and to experience living in Japan for nearly 2 years. He now resides in Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY.

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John Henry Sheridan - Rocker for the young at heart - is a guitar teacher, composer, and musician. He graduated from Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition (2003). He has accumulated several years of both formal music training as well as practical experience as a member and contributing songwriter for various groups in the genres of heavy metal, rock, pop, blues, jazz, and folk. His former band affiliations include Beauty and Chaos, Klockwerk, Modus Tollens, Twilite Zone Blues Band, District 22, Plush, Mindgasm, The Pencil People, and Levelsix.

He has co-produced 3 original full-length albums: “Brooklyn Folk” (2001), and “Cornucopia” (2003) with Jason Hills, as well as “Awakenings” (2008) with Joey Dweck.  One of his songs has been featured on the A&E Reality TV show “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (2010). He produced his first fully solo album “Fun Winter Songs” (2017).

He has scored the music for two independent musicals, JACK AND THE CHOCOLATE MILK COW (2004, 2016), in collaboration with Hana Roth Seavey, and PAINTING THE WIND (2005), in collaboration with Paul Kaplan. 

He has co-produced several official music videos for his kid-friendly rock songs with Frank Geoghegan: “Late for School” (2014), “Laser Star” (2015), and “Marching Marshmallows” (2016), and "Bells of Gladness" (2017). He also released his cover version and official music video of the Brazilian folk rock classic "Batendo Na Porta do Ceu" (2017).

Among John’s diverse teaching experiences includes work in the NYC public school system. His work with the non-profit organization Rock Asylum gave him the chance to team-up with students and teachers culminating in a powerful educational song and video “American Revolution” (2013).

John Henry has published 3 original songbooks for beginner guitarist which feature his unique Single String TAB Method: “Single String Songs Vol. 1” and Single String Halloween Songs”, and “Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures”. His single string guitar teaching method has now been adopted and is being applied in various schools throughout the USA and now Germany.

He has also published a health philosophy Ebook for Kindle entitled “Music for Health: How Understanding the Power of Music Can Improve Your Quality of Life”.

In his travels throughout the world, John Henry has had the privilege to perform on four continents as well as the opportunity to implement his Single String TAB Method with guitar students in the USA, Brazil, and Japan.

His professional interests lie in becoming a positive global influence in the worlds of creative expression, music and guitar-playing. He is dedicated to empowering people to actively and enjoyably pursue their passion to play the guitar and express their creative energies in a beneficial and healthy way.

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