“Eagle Fly Free”
Music & Lyrics
by Michael Weikath

People are in big confusion
They don’t like their constitutions 
Everyday they draw conclusions
And they’re still prepared for war

Some can say what’s ineffective
Some make up themselves attractive
Build up things they call protective
Well your life seems quite bizarre

But in the sky a mighty eagle
Doesn’t care about what’s illegal
On his wings the rainbows fly
He’s flying to eternity

Eagle fly free
Let people see
Just make it your own way
Leave time behind
Follow the sign
Together we fly someday

Hey we think so supersonic
And we make our bombs atomic
All the better quite neutronic
But the poor don’t see a dime

Nowadays the air’s polluted
Ancient people persecuted
That’s what mankind contributed
To create a better time



Together we fly someday
Together we fly someday
Forever we fly 
Together we fly someday

Whoah, whoa, whoa!

Beautiful...Just Beautiful....”

Katherine Gillespie