Single String Songs Vol. 1 [Paperback Book]
  • Single String Songs Vol. 1 [Paperback Book]

Single String Songs Vol. 1 [Paperback Book]

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Single String Songs Vol. 1 is a great way for beginner guitarists to start having fun with their instrument right away!

With 12 super simple original songs written specifically for the beginner in mind, this book is an excellent companion to someone who is just beginning their journey on the guitar.

Each song is accompanied by an imaginative drawing. Light on text and explanations, big on fun and imagination.

These songs can be learned very quickly.

There are play-along tracks available online which make learning a lot more enjoyable and interactive. Feels like your playing with your own little band!

Makes use of an easy to understand numbering system. No more laborious reading of notes. Jump right in and play your first song in 15 minutes! Really!

In a complicated world with more than enough things to think about everyday, Single String Songs Vol. 1 makes learning the guitar truly simple. By focusing on just playing on one string at a time, you can be free to experiment and learn the nature of the guitar very naturally!

Single String Songs Vol. 1 aims to take the stress out of learning the guitar and make it what it should be - an enjoyable process for people of any age!

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