Single String Songs Vol. 1 - A Dozen Super Simple & Fun Songs Written Especially for the Beginner Guitarist Using Single String TAB

What is it about the early stages of learning the guitar that can appear so daunting?

Perhaps you've already tried to learn the guitar but you've found that the beginner material you've come across to be a bit confusing, boring or perhaps both?

Or perhaps you are a teacher experiencing this with your students?

This is not my sole opinion. It was my experience as an aspiring 11 year old guitarist many moons ago and I have found it to be the experience of many of the hundreds of guitar students whom I have had the privilege to teach throughout my 20+ years as a guitar teacher. 

While I am not disparaging traditional guitar method books (I still use them all the time), I am suggesting that they often do not cater to the needs of the person who is starting the guitar from zero experience in today's distracting and busy modern world. 

You may have wondered to yourself,

"Why isn't there a super simple and fun way to get started with learning the guitar that can both satisfy my desire to play music right away and teach me at the same time?"

Well, there is...


"My students are so motivated playing each piece of this book, and I am so happy with their progress. Thank you John Henry Sheridan for such a great material!!!"
- Yeneisy Hidalgo, elementary school music teacher, Florida

"I have been teaching guitar privately for almost 10 years. I now run a guitar program in a public school. This book is perfect for beginner guitarists and I have based my whole first unit on it."
- RLessons, public school music teacher, NYC

"This is a delightful book and an engaging method, especially for those who want to be able to play songs right away but might not be adept at reading music or playing chords. The songs are catchy and clever and appeal to adult beginners, which describes me, as well as children…”  
- Sharon Marshall, adult guitar student, author and college professor


The truth is, the early stages of the guitar playing journey CAN be fun and light-hearted!

Let me explain ...

Around 2005, I began teaching a lot of young beginners and came face to face with a common scenario again and again. Namely that traditional guitar method books tended to fall flat on well over half of my students! 

I had an idea and began to notate simple popular melodies such as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on a single string. I noticed that students were responding well which increased both their enjoyment of learning and mine of teaching. Good for both teacher and student (and parents too)! 

Before long I had developed a repertoire of single string songs that I would use for the early stages of beginner guitar development. While I long-considered to publish a book of popular songs notated on a single string, I always put it off due to concern over copyright issues (maybe one day I'll figure it all out and publish one).

I then also happened to remember that I am a composer and songwriter...I had almost forgotten that point! And so the idea of creating a large repertoire of original single string songbooks was born...!

The Single String TAB Method (SSTM) is now, not only enjoyed by many private guitar students the world over, but it has since been successfully incorporated into several American public school classrooms as well as with school students in Germany.

Why not allow this method to work for you?


“I have a class of "difficult" students and they love it! They can't get enough and they are sad when our lesson is over. One student who is especially difficult refuses to participate, and he finally broke down when we played "Eagles Beatles Grateful Dead And Elvis"! Way to go John Henry! Your music ROCKS!”
- Vanessa Cetin, school teacher, Germany

"This book is very simple and to easy to follow especially for the beginners in guitar. Notations are big, clear and easily readable with a lots of sample songs. It is great for kids as well as for adults who are just learning to play the guitar."
- Anjana Roy, sitarist

"I've gotten a lot of use out of this book with my middle schoolers since I learned about it at the LKR (Little Kids Rock) conference a few years ago and they love the sound tracks... this is such an intuitive way of writing notation and gets students playing right away."
-Heidi F, Middle School Teacher, Chicago IL

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your single string method. I've been using it with my 5th grade classes and it has a been a fun and successful resource.” 
- Alan W, elementary school music teacher, NYC

Samples of what some of the first few songs in the book look like...

"This book is full of fun art and catchy tunes. I love how everything is perfectly explained, especially since I am a beginner guitarist myself."
- Douglas Chan, young adult beginner

“I used it a lot lately for my 5th graders and it was fun and a good intro to start reading tab!! Thanks”
- Anita Angeles, elementary school teacher, Florida

"I have used this book with younger students 6/7/8 years and its a good way to get them playing on their 1st lesson."
- Leonid Frog, private guitar teacher, NYC


Learn more...

Download the Single String TAB Method (SSTM) Pamphlet by clicking HERE or the image below. 



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**If you would like to order a paperback copy directly from my website, I will automatically autograph it and address to the name of the person who purchased the book unless I am specifically requested to address it to another person.** Thanks!


Single String Songs Vol. 1 [Paperback Book]
  • Single String Songs Vol. 1 [Paperback Book]

Single String Songs Vol. 1 [Paperback Book]

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Single String Songs Vol. 1 is a great way for beginner guitarists to start having fun with their instrument right away!

With 12 super simple original songs written specifically for the beginner in mind, this book is an excellent companion to someone who is just beginning their journey on the guitar.

Each song is accompanied by an imaginative drawing. Light on text and explanations, big on fun and imagination.

These songs can be learned very quickly.

There are play-along tracks available online which make learning a lot more enjoyable and interactive. Feels like your playing with your own little band!

Makes use of an easy to understand numbering system. No more laborious reading of notes. Jump right in and play your first song in 15 minutes! Really!

In a complicated world with more than enough things to think about everyday, Single String Songs Vol. 1 makes learning the guitar truly simple. By focusing on just playing on one string at a time, you can be free to experiment and learn the nature of the guitar very naturally!

Single String Songs Vol. 1 aims to take the stress out of learning the guitar and make it what it should be - an enjoyable process for people of any age!

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Single String Songs Vol. 1 [eBook]
  • Single String Songs Vol. 1 [eBook]
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This e-Book is designed specifically for music lovers who would love to play the guitar, but who don't have the interest or time to spend on a cumbersome and perhaps boring method book.

This book is for those of you who are seeking a SIMPLE and FUN way to learn how to play the guitar. And it works immediately!!

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