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  1. Hello

Written, acoustically performed and sung by John Henry Sheridan
Recorded by Jason Hills
Mixed by Jason Hills and John Henry Sheridan
© John Henry Sheridan 2001
Coral Sound Music 2018



Hello Sugar, how many do you take in your coffee?
‘Cos I just made some and I was hopin’ you could stay for some
and help get this loneliness off me

Hello Baby, can you save me
From my tummy-teasin’ record of unfulfilling relations?

Hello Mama, do you wanna
Get to know me more than a little better

‘Cos I’ve been hiding for too long in poems and songs
It’s time I changed things up. I don’t care if I’m right or I’m wrong

Hello Baby, do you care to sate me?
You could such real things, the stuff that makes hearts sing

Hello Honey, you’re beautiful and funny
Some people make me nervous but you, yes you put me at ease … at ease

Maybe I’m sayin’ too much
As a matter of fact I probably am
But you’re a ray of sunshine
And you, you make me feel good again

Hello Baby, can you save me?
Hello Mama, do you wanna … get to know me … more than a little better?
I’ll be waiting in the sand