From the recording Best of Brooklyn Folk

Written and performed by John Henry Sheridan
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Jason Hills
© John Henry Sheridan 2001
Coral Sound Music 2014


“Ode To Street Music”

I went out on the streets today, I brought my guitar with me
As always I found a spot, dropped the case, and tried to earn an honest buck
Times Square, Broadway, the village, or in the subway by the trains
It doesn't make much difference to me, I'll play wherever people go it's all the same
Anywhere a street's a street, it's always just a cold slab of concrete for me
No three foot stage, no amps, no lights, the only performance platform that I know
Is under the street where the audience never stays for the whole show
And I never get payed the same salary twice

Oh no no no oh oh oh

I wake in the morning, drink old coffe, I grab my coat and guitar
I'm off to work, I'm performing today, first on a city corner, then in a subway
I never play the same song twice, well I can't read music and my hands are like ice
So nothing's ever quite the same for a street musician no-name
Maybe after work I”ll hit the bar, or hit the liquor store and buy a jar of whiskey
To take the edge off 'til tomorrow which I hope never comes
Ohh but I know surely will, and bring the same mundane poverty-stricken life
To consciousness again

Oh oh oh oh oh oh

“Thank you sir, have a good day now”

The next day it's MSG for me, I may get chased out but people have money there
And I know I can pull in at least $50 between 7 and 8 o' clock
But I better hope I don't get locked up just like last time
For knocking out a cop, he quicked me out and went to confiscate my earnings
And that was dinner that night, it's amazing what a person might do when hunger is never satisfied
No caviar for me, no steak, no rich man's wine
White bread or pizza will do fine and as for liquor, I'll stick to the cheap kind

Wah oh oh
La da da da

My survival tonight is based on your kindness so can you spare some change
To the music man whose name you'll never know dressed in raggy clothes
Who'll give a front row seat to anyone who asks for a personal show
“Hey, thanks man, have a there a song you'd like to hear?
'Cos tonight I'm taking requests”

La da da
La da da ooh oh ooh oh etc...