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A Guitar Life - Introduction   

Hi, my name is John Henry and I have been playing the guitar since 1993 and loving it. Over the years I have not only realized that it is a pleasant hobby and (for me) a way to earn a decent living, but I have also come to realize on a very deep level just how beneficial my relationship to this wonderful instrument has truly been and still is in my life. And maybe you feel the same, or perhaps you will.. 

When I began playing the guitar I remember the distinct feeling of entering a world all its own, perhaps a world somewhat elitist, but primarily I felt it was cool, interesting and something I hungered for more of. 

So there I was. A boy with no guitar. Then all of a sudden there was the guitar in my life! And after 6 months letting it gather dust in the corner I wanted to learn it, I wanted to play it, and not only that - I wanted to master it. 

Taking on the mission, the goal of mastering an instrument taught me many things of value both about myself and others, and about the world. Among them have been patience, persistence, perspective, determination, and a seeking spirit to learn, grow and have new experiences. 

It taught me how to dream both big and small. It gave me a practical way to fulfill my personal goals - something concrete that I could actually achieve. Playing the guitar and learning to do so was a challenge for my life that I felt would be worth the effort and it truly has been. It was a dream that I believed deep down inside that I could achieve. It seemed like an opportunity, an adventure, something to learn, and yes an escape too. Learning the guitar broadened my horizons and turned me into a guitarist . . . and later morphed me into many other transitions.