Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures [Paperback Book]
  • Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures [Paperback Book]

Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures [Paperback Book]

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Are you an advanced beginner or early intermediate level guitarist? Are you looking for a new, exciting and fun way to look at your guitar so that you see it with fresh eyes? Then “Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures” may be just what you’re looking for. It offers a refreshing way for you to develop your musical knowledge while having fun exploring and exercising your fingers horizontally along the fretboard of your guitar.

With 12 oddly curious and memorable original exercise-songs written specifically for your level, this book is an excellent companion to you who are looking to discover the next foundational level in your guitar development.

“Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures” is an ideal follow up book for students who have already learned and mastered the songs in “Single String Songs Vol. 1” . These exercise-songs can be learned quickly and mastered with some effort and with no lack of silly strangeness along the way!

Makes use of an easy to understand numbering system (known as Single String TAB). By focusing on just playing on one string at a time, you can be free to experiment and learn the horizontal nature of your guitar fretboard very naturally!

This book is designed to allow you to enjoy letting your imagination guide you in your learning process. It is meant to inspire you to see the guitar in new and exciting ways.

BENEFITS: Get ALL four fingers moving Challenge yourself in a fun way Learn advanced musical concepts Access jazzy & rockin’ play-along tracks online Perfect for the super busy person Let your intuition & imagination guide you Works on ukulele too (using the E2 string)
Gain exposure to MANY chords in the back of the book

WAYS OF APPROACH: They can be played on ALL 6 STRINGS.
They can be played SLOW, MEDIUM, and FAST, (or SUPER-FAST!).
And if you need a deeper challenge, try them BACKWARDS!

RECOMMENDED ATTITUDE OF APPROACH: Be creative! Experiment! Let the book inspire YOUR creativity!
Have a blast!
Try to create your own entertaining music!

THE SINGLE STRING SONGBOOKS PHILOSOPHY This book and all single string books have been created with a basic philosophy in mind: the most important thing about learning music is the personal growth of the student. Music helps us to grow. This book (and other single string books) helps us to open our minds to the sometimes-overlooked simple and natural powers of the guitar. So to get the most out of it any of these books … please listen, learn, experiment, be patient, challenge new things, expand your vision, encourage yourself, exercise self-discipline, have fun and be playful!!!

General Note to ALL Before Beginning “Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures” Please be aware that this is a book of exercise-songs (not simply songs for beauty’s sake, there is also an exercise component as well) designed to expand the mind of the student of the guitar and to strengthen her ability to use all four fingers and play up and down the fretboard of the guitar. As a result, some of these pieces of music do not sound particularly pretty. While some exercise-songs are quite pleasant to the ear, some are not. The main goal of this book is demonstrating new techniques, developing finger independence, and learning how to enjoy the exploration of the guitar all while having fun and using your imagination. So please be patient and open-minded while becoming familiar with these exercise-songs.And most of all ENJOY the JOURNEY!!

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