On this page you will find PLAY-ALONG TRACKS (at 3 different tempos - slow, medium, & fast) for each of the 12 songs featured in my book Single String Exerices-Songs - Curious Creatures. Enjoy practicing and challenging yourself!!

Stream the songs from the site for FREE below or purchase the digital album for $6 to download. You can also purchase individual tracks starting at $0.10.

To check out the back stories of the Curious Creatures visit this page: Curious Creatures Backstories

Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures (Play-Along Tracks)

John Henry Guitar Lessons

A 36-track Groovy and Rockin' musical album intended to encourage, motivate and inspire the upper beginner / early intermediate guitar player. It is a companion to the book "Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures". There are 12 different exercise-songs at three different tempos (Slow, Medium, & Fast) to make learning more engaging. Bonus File: Single String Exercise-Songs - Curious Creatures [LYRICS] PDF

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