1. Mellow

From the recording Best of Brooklyn Folk

Written and performed by John Henry Sheridan
Trumpet and some backup vocals by Jason Hills
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Jason Hills
© John Henry Sheridan 2001
Coral Sound Music 2014


04) “Mellow”

I'm in a mellow mood and the stars are out and the moon just winked at me
All the guys are about hummin' their tunes and the girls are all extra pretty
And when I'm eighty-four I can still sing this song when the buds blossom in the trees
'Cos I'm an easy-going guy and in an easy-going way I kinda like the tease 
Oh oh

Na na na, na na na na
Na na na, na na na na na
Na na na, na na na na na

When the springtime creep in closer and the air just smells like life
And the wind is warm and more smiles are worn and the stars shine extra bright
Is when I take out my guitar and strum a silly chord or two
And write a song that sings about promise and goodness in a way that I don't normally do


And a pretty woman's smile is worth a million words or more
But I'd rather watch a smile because them words can be such a bore
Oh I hope to make some pretty ones cheery from the words here in this song
Because a smiling face always seems so much happier than a pouting one
Alright yeah yeah


And the fireflies are flyin' and the beers are nice and cold
And I'm wonderin' what the difference is between the young and the old
And I come to the conclusion that they are like day to night
Both essential to the cycle, oh and everyone's alright
Woh oh oh oh


I'm in a mellow mood in a pleasant vibe in a world dictated by time
But I ain't got the time to figure things out so I'll just concentrate on this rhyme
And if it don't make sense five years from hence, then I'll change what I've written down
But in a lilting way and at least for today I kinda like how these mellow words sound
Woh oh oh oh


Woh oh oh