1. Blizzard

From the recording Best of Brooklyn Folk

Written and performed by John Henry Sheridan
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Jason Hills
© John Henry Sheridan 2001
Coral Sound Music 2014



I am all alone
The blizzard drove me home
When I was on my way out
To someone else's house
The blizzard drove me in
And now I can't even get out
And no one can get in
I'm trapped inside my house

And the blizzard's closing in
And the blizzard's closing in

So I sit here alone
Waiting by the phone
Although the lines have been torn down
And the phone will make no sound
I'd rather pretend to await a call
False hope is better than none at all
I can't let the blizzard win
I won't be pushed around again
So I make myself some tea
Relax with a book and read
And I really must admit
The snow is so pretty

And the blizzard piles up
And the blizzard piles up

A night and a day have passed
And I tune into the weather forecast
They say only one more day
'Til the blizzard goes away
The house is pretty cold
And the heat is running low
The roof is pretty old
And it's holding a lot of snow
The doors and windows are fixed shut
And time moves so slow
And when the roof will no longer hold up
I will have no place to go

And the blizzard doesn't stop
And the blizzard doesn't stop...